Reopening Plan


  • Individual Student toileting plans are documented in files, reviewed yearly, and as needed.
  • Personal care items are kept for each Student with one or two changes of clothing if needed.
  • Parent is responsible for sending in diapers and extra set of clothes.
  • Parent is responsible for checking Students’ backpacks for soiled clothing daily.
  • Assist the Student with clothes as needed before and after toileting.
  • Explain procedure (using appropriate mode of communication) to the Student
  • Staff accompanies Student to the bathroom area.
  • Don clean gloves, prepare toilet by wiping with a cloth and/or placing protective paper (if available), remove gloves & wash hands.
  • Don clean PPE (gown, mask, face shield, gloves)
  • Student should toilet as independently as possible, while the staff member maintains a distance of 3-6 ft if possible.
  • Transfer and/or assist Student to the toilet if needed.
  • Clean Student when finished if this type of assistance is needed.
  • Dispose of soiled gloves and put on a clean pair of gloves to transfer Student if needed.
  • Soiled clothing items are placed in doubled plastic bags, tied, and sent home each day.
  • Staff instructs and supervises and assists as needed with hand-washing.
  • Bring Student back to classroom.
  • Bathroom, toilet and sink will be disinfected on a regular basis throughout the day.