Reopening Plan


  • Food Services Employee will handle all deliveries from Emily’s Catering, Inc.  No other Staff or Students will be involved in this process. (See Emily’s Catering, Inc and Shore’s Breakfast and Lunch Delivery Procedure).
  • Food Services Employee will perform hand hygiene and wear appropriate PPE when handling all food, including mask, gloves, gown, hat and hairnet.
  • All surfaces that food containers will be placed on/in should be well cleaned and sanitized.
  • 5 Carts will be utilized. One person will be assigned to deliver breakfast and lunch at the appropriate times to the downstairs classrooms, one person will be assigned to deliver to all the upstairs classrooms.
  • One staff member from each room will be designated to obtain their classes’ meals from the cart.  Proper social distancing should be practiced and hygiene should be performed and gloves worn when touching the cart and its contents.  
  •  The person delivering will record the point of service forms. 
  • Each classroom will be assigned a bathroom to use so that all students wash their hands prior to eating meals.
  • Once meals are collected, all carts will be cleaned and sanitized and will be kept in the kitchen area.