Reopening Plan


  • Individual Student diapering plans are documented in files and reviewed yearly, or more frequently as needed.
  • All lifting and transferring plans will be reviewed yearly or more frequently as needed.
  • Staff who assist with diapering and changing clothes are trained by the PT/ PTA.
  • Personal care items are safely maintained for each student with one or two changes of clothing if needed.
  • Parents are responsible for providing diapers, skin barrier/ diaper rash cream, and an extra set of clothing.
  • Parents are responsible for checking students’ backpacks and removing soiled clothing daily.
  • Staff must keep mat tables cleared of unnecessary items unrelated to diapering.
  • Inspect the designated changing area and make sure that all of the necessary equipment and supplies are available in the area (i.e. gloves, wipes, water, soap, roll of plastic bags, no grocery store bags).
  • Don clean gloves, sanitize/ disinfect mat table/surface where Student will be changed and/or by placing protective paper/ blue chuck on the table surface.
  • Remove gloves used to clean/disinfect and wash hands.
  • Bring student to changing area.
  • Don clean PPE (gown, mask, face shield/ goggles, gloves).
  • Explain procedure (using appropriate mode of communication) to the student.
  • Transfer student to changing table.
  • Remove soiled diaper and place in plastic bag.
  • Clean Student using wipes and/ or soap and water, check student for changes to skin integrity & notify Nurse.
  • Dispose of soiled gloves in plastic bag and put on clean pair of gloves.
  • Place clean diaper on student.
  • Transfer student from changing area.
  • Remove chuck if used and place it in a plastic bag. Don clean gloves, sanitize/disinfect mat table/surface, place in a covered waste receptacle.
  • Remove gloves and wash hands.