Reopening Plan


  • If a Student is experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, they will be brought to a medical waiting room where they will remain with a staff member until a Parent or other designated person can pick them up. Shore has designated two rooms within the Henry W. Owen School as medical waiting rooms, both of which are in close proximity to an entrance/exit and have their own dedicated bathrooms. This space is separate from the nurse‚Äôs offices as well as from other rooms where other ailments are treated.
  • When occupied, the medical waiting room will always be monitored by appropriate staff
  • Surgical masks must be worn by students (and will be provided by Shore) while in the medical waiting room, even for students in Pre K, K, or Grade 1. The individual supervising this space must always maintain 6 feet of physical distance, remain masked and wear a face shield or goggles. Personal protective equipment guidance recommends that nurses or other staff in this area be equipped with N-95 masks. If a student is unable to wear a mask, there should be no other students in this
  • Hands must be washed or sanitized both when entering and leaving the space, as well as before and after
  • If any food or drink must be consumed before the student is picked up, the individual should be brought outside to consume food or drink if possible (as mask must be removed for eating). If not possible to go outside, one student can consume food or drink at a time in the medical waiting room, but again, only if others remain at least 6 feet
  • If feasible, this space should be used by only one student (and supervising staff person) at a time. If this is not possible, all people in the Covid-19 waiting room must be as far apart as possible and no less than 6 feet apart, even when masked. As stated above, if a student is unable to wear a mask, there should be no other students in this
  • The medical waiting room will be cleaned and disinfected after each