Reopening Plan


One or more rooms will be designated as Health Treatment rooms and should be used only by Nurses and students who require nebulizer, suctioning, and any other aerosolizing treatments that are included in students’ health plans.

  • Doors will remain closed with signage indicating it is a Health Treatment Room and should be used only by Nurses and students who they are treating.
  • After treatments, when safe to do so, nurses will indicate on a posted sign-in sheet, the time they used the room, nurse and student initials.
  • As soon as this room is used by a nurse and student, day custodian (with required PPE) will be notified that the room needs to be cleaned and sanitized. The custodial employee will also sign sheet indicating each time s/he cleaned the room
  • Until the room is cleaned and disinfected, no one may use this room. The only exception is the specific student and nurse who previously used the room can re- enter if there is an urgent need for a subsequent aerosolizing treatment.