Reopening Plan


In striving for a safe and healthy return to school, Shore has implemented several changes within the Henry W. Owen School building.

Installation of increased hand sanitizing stations: Stations have been provided at all entry/exit points, as well as in the following common areas:

  • In bathrooms
  • In classrooms
  • In shared spaces such as the gym, game room, library and therapy room Next to meal distribution areas
  • In central office areas next to shared equipment including copy machines, fax machines and printers

• Hand Sanitizer should be at least 60 percent ethanol or 70 percent
isopropanol and students’ use of hand sanitizer will be supervised to ensure safety. Supplies such as Hand Sanitizer, Soap, Paper towels will be adequately monitored and supplied throughout the school day.

• Signage will be posted in all points of entry, hallways, bathrooms, common areas and within classrooms/other learning areas to promote proper mask wearing, social distancing, hand hygiene and to reduce sharing of materials. Floor decals will be placed in designated areas where queueing may occur as well to promote social distancing.

• Hallways will be marked to promote social distancing and coordinated traffic flow.

• The Elevator will be limited to use of two people at a time and should be used only when necessary.

• Internal doorways, such as hallway doors, will be propped open when possible to limit contact with door handles.

• Clear protective barriers have been installed in the reception areas.