Reopening Plan

Shore Remote Services

● Shore offers a full day schedule of remote activities facilitated by Shore staff via Google Meet. To participate, a device with connection to the internet such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone is required. Shore provides technical assistance and training as needed.

● Shore also offers remote occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy and behavior consultation. Shore nursing is available for remote health assessments, clinical support and guidance.

● Participants who are not interested in remote video service may elect to schedule a 1:1 phone call (or Facetime call) from a familiar member of Shore’s staff 1-3 times per week as a continuation of remote service. At home caretakers may be asked to help facilitate communication in certain circumstances.

We will be as responsive and flexible as necessary to support our individuals and respond to the undoubtedly, changing conditions in which we’ll find ourselves. You can choose a combination of any and all of the services we are offering. The key to our success will be frequent, ongoing communication and prioritizing the health and safety of all who love and depend on Shore. Unfortunately, for those few individuals who do not ever plan to return to Shore for in-person services, even after a vaccine and/or effective treatment for COVID-19, remote services will be discontinued on September 30, 2020. In accordance with MassHealth policies, individuals who never plan on returning must be discharged from Shore on September 30th. Please contact your Shore Program Coordinator and DDS Service Coordinator to inform them of this decision. In speaking with individuals, families and their residential staff, it appears that the majority of our individuals hope to return to Shore Day Programs at some point in the future. In these cases, participants will remain on our rosters, and may participate in remote and/or pop-up service options. These individuals will not lose the opportunity to return to Shore inperson programs whenever they feel ready and able to do so