Reopening Plan


● If an individual is experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, s/he will be brought to a medical waiting room where s/he will remain with a staff member until a family member/residential staff can pick her/him up.

● Shore has designated room(s) within each program as medical waiting rooms, which are in close proximity to an entrance/exit and restrooms that can be used exclusively by symptomatic individuals.

● Doors will remain closed with signage indicating it is a Medical Waiting Room. This space is separate from the nurse’s offices as well as from other rooms where other ailments are treated.

● When occupied, the medical waiting room will always be monitored by appropriate staff

● Masks are strictly required in this space.

● Staff supervising individuals in this space must always maintain 6 feet of physical distance, remain masked and wear a face shield or goggles. Personal protective equipment guidance recommends that nurses or other staff in this area be equipped with N-95 masks.

● The medical waiting room will be closed/locked and if possible, not inhabited for 24 hours. After 24 hours, trained cleaning staff wearing required PPE will clean and disinfect the room.