Reopening Plan

1. Masks

A. Individuals, staff and all guests must wear masks or face coverings while in Shore buildings, with exceptions only for those for whom it is not safe to do so due to age, medical conditions or other considerations.

B.  All Staff working with individuals will be provided with surgical masks that must 
be worn while in rooms/areas with others.

C. Persons for whom it is not safe to wear a mask may be asked to consult their health care providers to discuss the risks/benefits of wearing or not wearing face coverings, and provide documentation (a simple statement) from health care providers if wearing masks are contraindicated. 

D.  When possible, everyone entering Shore buildings should bring with them and masks to all those who need them in order to enter our programs.

E.  Masks should cover the nose and mouth with no/minimal gaps but not be too tight/snug. You should be able to breathe normally wearing your masks.

F.  Bandanas and neck gaiters are not as effective as face masks and are discouraged for all, and not permitted for Shore staff.

G.  Activities or conditions that require certain personnel to wear specific types of masks will be provided to those persons. In cases of nursing and other staff who require N-95 masks, these will be fit-tested for each person to ensure optimal effectiveness.

H.  Individuals may find the requirement to wear masks difficult due to issues related to their disabilities. Social stories, age-appropriate videos, games and contests, and effective reinforcers will be used to teach and encourage mask wearing.These individuals will not be excluded from in-person services without first trying a variety of interventions to encourage mask-wearing and only in exceptional cases discussed with ISP teams.

I.  Masks may be removed when eating and drinking. However, these activities must occur in appropriate settings, times, and with strict adherence to 6 feet social distancing requirements.

J.  Mask breaks will be scheduled as often as safely possible and must occur only Individuals to be at least 6′ apart. Hand sanitizer stations will be available upon>entering and exiting these spaces.

K.  When masks are removed, they should be stored or placed face-up, on napkins

L.  During times when staff are in rooms/offices alone, masks may be removed until such time that you depart the room or another person enters the room