Reopening Plan

In-Person Services

Programs will open on August 27th at Chelsea, Peabody and Woburn for the individuals who are ready to return to in-person services. Through surveys and conversations between Shore staff, families and residential providers, approximately 40 individuals/families have committed to returning to our day programs. This small number of participants initially returning to each of the Chelsea/Peabody/Woburn sites enable us to open with very small groups and high staffing ratios. It’s the ideal way to all become accustomed to environments that will look and feel different and with enhanced health and safety protocols that we’ll all use. We will gradually “scale up” participants, so if you’re interested in returning five days a week or fewer, please contact your Program Coordinator and we’ll put you on the list and schedule your start date.

Shore Staff are reporting to work on August 24, 25, and 26, the three full days prior to “Opening Day,” so that everyone can be thoroughly trained in the many health and safety protocols we have put into place. Everyone (all staff and individuals) must screen (check for symptoms) themselves every day and cannot come into programs if they have any, even possible, symptoms. We will adhere to social distancing, with small groups and decluttered room spaces. All staff will be required to wear masks and we will support individuals to wear and tolerate masks to the extent they can. And we will frequently engage (and assist others) in hand washing and sanitizing.

Direct-service staff will be assigned to the same cohort (group) of participants for two weeks at a time. The premise is to limit and control the number of people who work together during the day, thereby minimizing opportunities for virus transmission. The only staff that will span cohorts are the nurses, therapy consultants, program managers and program coordinators.They will need to interact with various/most individuals and staff but each will have their own added levels of personal protective equipment and will have briefer contacts than room staff.

Activity materials will not be shared without being properly disinfected between use and commonly touched surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized on a frequent, routine basis throughout the day. A deeper clean will be performed each evening after program hours.Shore is committed to maintaining capacity based on the 113 square feet per person recommendation, even as more participants decide to return. We’ve included all our protocols for you to read and reference as needed.