Reopening Plan


• All necessary PPE will be provided by Shore.

• Training will include o when to use PPE,

        o what PPE items are necessary for certain activities,

        o how to properly put on, use, take off, and dispose of PPE • Signage will be posted in classrooms, treatment areas, medical waiting room and near all supplies to reinforce this information.

• Students will be asked to bring their own face coverings or masks to school, however Shore will have a backup supply of masks on hand for students who do not have them, or if their masks become otherwise not useable during the school day.

• Shore will provide masks for all staff who do not wish to bring their own and for those staff and activities that require specialized masks, with specific requirements.

• The Health and Related Services Coordinator and Nurses will store PPE in their offices and will ensure that adequate supplies are in each classroom, all workspaces, in treatment rooms, in the medical waiting room.

• Additional storage for PPE at the Owen School will be in a locked office. All Staffshould alert their Nurse or the Health Coordinator if additional supplies are needed.

• Supplies will be ordered, received and distributed on an ongoing basis. Inventory at the school and other Shore programs will be replenished, as needed, from Shore’s Main office as needed.

• Lockers will be designated for PPE near time out rooms. They will be locked, however will be easily accessible. out rooms. They will be locked, however will be easily accessible.