Reopening Plan


• Unlike our usual “Open Door” policy in which families, advocates, school district, residential, and DDS staff are welcomed, generally guests will not be permitted to visit Shore buildings.

• There will be exceptions such as:

        o IEP meetings that parents/families prefer to attend in-person rather than remotely.

        o Evaluators required to conduct in-person assessments with students.

        o Families dropping off medications and other necessary supplies.

• Guests will be required to call ahead of time and follow program-specific procedures for requesting on-site visits.

• Guests who have pre-arranged appointments will be asked to check-in and wait in building vestibules where they will sign-in, provide a telephone number should it be needed, and complete a symptom screening checker.

• Vendors delivering items will be instructed to leave them in the vestibules. For large deliveries via the loading dock, Facilities Staff will be contacted to meet delivery persons.