Reopening Plan


Our strategy with families is to give them a baseline of knowledge so they can help their children if needed. This is not an intensive deep dive into the tools but enough of a lesson to become familiar with the tools their students are using.


In the early weeks of the school year, Shore nursing professionals will provide much of the training to ALL staff and students in the use of infection control and mitigation strategies. (Social distancing, handwashing, mask-wearing, will be practiced until they are habits.) These are appended to this plan and are based on and will change with recommendations and guidance provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Massachusetts Public Health and Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Most importantly, the entire Shore community must commit to the discipline and responsibility it will take to remain engaged in and focused on health and safety practices. When changes need to be made every person involved with Shore must speak up and help to resolve concerns or renew our attention to the simple actions that may have a huge impact.

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