Reopening Plan


In striving for a safe and healthy return to programs, Shore has implemented several changes within all of its  buildings. 

● Occupancy limits are posted for every program room, meeting room, kitchen, office, and all other common rooms. Capacity is based on 113 square feet per person and must not exceed posted limits.

● Signage is posted in all points of entry, hallways, bathrooms, common areas and within program rooms/other learning areas to promote proper mask wearing, social distancing, hand hygiene and to reduce sharing of materials.   Floor decals are placed in designated areas where queueing may occur as well to promote social distancing. 

Hand sanitizing stations have been provided at all entry/exit points, as well as in/near the following common areas:

❏ Bathrooms
Program rooms
In shared spaces, such as kitchens and laundry rooms
In central office areas next to shared equipment including copy machines, fax machines and                printers

● Shore supplied hand sanitizer is at least 60 percent ethanol or 70 percent isopropyl.  Supplies such as hand sanitizer, soap, paper towels will be adequately monitored and resupplied throughout the day.

● Hallways are marked to promote social distancing and coordinate traffic flow. Everyone will be encouraged to ‘stick to the right’, and walk/move along the right-hand side of the hallways no matter which direction they are going.

● Clear protective barriers have been installed in the reception areas, and clear table top barriers will also be used in program rooms

● HVAC engineers have consulted with Shore’s Facilities’ staff to ensure ventilation is optimal for circulating outside air.  At times, outdoor air circulation may make the space feel warmer or colder than “normally”.  Staff and individuals should dress accordingly.  No fans, space heaters, air purifiers can be used unless placed by Shore Facilities or Administrative staff.