Reopening Plan


•  If there is more than one confirmed COVID-19 case (individuals or staff) at the program at one time, or if there is a series of single cases in a short time span, Shore Administrators will work with the local board of health, DDS, and MassHealth to determine if it is likely that there is transmission happening at the program site and how to proceed.

•  Next steps may be: closing all or part of the program for a short period of time for an extensive cleaning or closing the program or part of the program for a full 14-day quarantine period.

•  Shore will communicate these actions with all members of the program involved and with the entire organization.

•  Communication will include:
    oNoting that there may be more potential cases that are not yet symptomatic
    oRecommending that all identified persons quarantine, and not have contact with others
    oReminding families of the importance of not having contact with higher-risk persons (e.g., grandparents)
    oReminding families of the list of COVID-19 symptoms for which to monitor
    oEnsuring that remote services are immediately provided to all individuals

•  Before bringing individuals and staff back to program services:
    oCheck inventory levels of needed supplies (e.g., disposable masks, soap, hand sanitizer, cleaning products); re-order replacement inventory
    oConsider a work-wide refresher training on the importance of correct hygiene procedures (masks, physical distance, hand washing)
    oReiterate the critical nature of masks, physical distancing, and hand hygiene when individuals return to work