Reopening Plan


● Personal care items are stored or brought in personal backpacks for individuals who may need a change of clothing.

● Staff will don clean PPE, gown, gloves, face shield in addition to mask

● Staff will explain what they will be doing to assist the individual and allow for their independence/participation as much as possible

● Staff will maintain social distancing of 6 feet as much as possible during bathroom assistance

● Staff will dispose of soiled gloves and put on a clean pair of gloves to assist with clothing if needed and/or to transfer the individual

● Staff will assist individuals to thoroughly wash hands after toileting using the minimum amount of prompts needed to thoroughly clean hands. If hand-over-hand assistance is necessary to thoroughly wash with soap, this should be provided.

Staff will place soiled clothing items in doubled plastic bags, which will be tied and sent home at the end of the day for laundering