Reopening Plan


Cleaning and Disinfecting Program Space:

•Determine whether the individual or staff member was on the premises during the time frame that started two days prior to symptom onset (or testing positive if not symptomatic) until the time of isolation.

•If so, promptly close off areas visited by the positive/ill individual until such areas can be cleaned and disinfected, if they have not already been cleaned and disinfected already.

•Promptly clean and disinfect the individual’s or staff member’s classroom and any other facilities (e.g., extracurricular facilities) visited by the individual, if that has not been done already.

•Close and lock the Medical Waiting Room (if used) and do not use/clean for (24) hours.  After 24 hours, the room will be deep cleaned and disinfected.

•Promptly clean and disinfect the bus(es) the individual or staff member was on, if any, and if not already done.


Communications - Shore will Inform close contacts.

•Those designated as close contacts must stay home from Shore and isolate prior to their test and while waiting for the results. Ideally, the test should occur no sooner than day 4 or 5 after the last exposure to close contact.

•Explain that if close contacts choose not to be tested, the individual or staff member should remain home in self-quarantine for 14 days.

•Remind families and/or staff of the importance of not having contact with higher-risk individuals (e.g., grandparents and those with underlying medical conditions).

•Remind families and/or staff of the list of COVID-19 symptoms for which to monitor.

•If Shore is informed about a person who works or attends the program testing positive for COVID-19 in the middle of a work day when those identified as close contacts are already present,
•Group will be isolated in their classroom

•All will wear masks and adhere to strict social distancing

Calls will be made to families/residential staff to inform them of the situation and request that individuals be picked up as soon as possible.

•Caregivers of individuals in the program room or other close contacts may pick individuals up prior to the end of the day.

•Caregivers must wear a mask/face covering when picking up their individual.

•Individuals who are considered close contacts and individuals with any symptoms will not be permitted to take public or MassHealth funded transportation to get home.

•Caregivers and individuals, as well as staff, should wash their hands upon arriving at home and change their clothes as a precaution.

•Staff will leave work when their individuals are dismissed.

•Close contacts should not come back to work/program until they have been tested and received negative results (or elected to not be tested and instead quarantine for 14 days) and are asked to communicate their results to Shore.

Communications - Shore will inform others in the Shore community and State Agencies:

•The city’s local Board of Health
•All other individuals, families, residential staff, Shore staff at the program.**
All other Shore programs.**

** In the interest of transparency, we will inform this greater Shore “community” of the nature of the exposure and steps taken. While there may be no risk to others, it is important that we all rely on each other to provide direct, timely information.

Shore will document and track all cases of:

•Shore-related positive cases,
•possible exposures,
•reports of symptoms,
•close contacts and recommendations/actions taken,
•reports of staff and participants’ household members, other close contacts who have confirmed positive virus.