Reopening Plan


A. Set - Up & Preparation

● Individuals will remain in their program room or will move to an adjacent program room designated specifically for small groups to eat during their lunch breaks. (No individuals or staff from other rooms will be able to schedule lunch and/or visit with other groups until further notice.)

● Tables, chair armrests, and/or wheelchair lap trays will be disinfected prior to the start of meals

● Disposable plates and utensils will be used whenever possible

● Specialized utensils, plates, and other adapted dining equipment will be washed in the dishwasher (by staff only) daily.

● 1 staff member will be designated to set up, prepare and assist only one individual at a time. (As indicated in Section 1.A. above, meals should be prepared at home to the appropriate texture.)

● Hand washing will occur prior to meal preparation and again prior to assisting the individual with dining. Staff will wear a mask at all times.

● Individuals will break out into smaller groups and eat in separate rooms (or outside) during phase 1 of our re-opening plan, and as space allows as our enrollment grows.

Individuals should be reminded to not talk while chewing and cover their mouths as needed

●  Individuals who are prone to coughing when eating will be appropriately distanced from others.

●  When special circumstances call for it, Shore will utilize tabletop plexiglass dividers between individuals seated at the same table.


B. During Meal/Snack Times for individuals who need direct hands-on assistance such as, physical guidance, hand over hand, or total assistance (fed by staff):

●  Staff may assist only 1 person at a time.

●  Tabletop plexiglass dividers will be placed between the staff and the individual, whenever possible to safely do so.
●  Staff providing 1:1 dining assistance will wear these PPE items:
■  Gloves
■  Surgical Mask
■  Face Shield
■  Gown

●  All of these items must be changed before helping another person. For example:
■  Remove all PPE items in correct order
■  Dispose of all PPE items in proper receptacles
■  Wash hands
■  Put on new PPE items (as above) if you are helping next individual to eat

●  1:1 assistance, for those who need it must be provided at all times during meals. Staff cannot assist two individuals at the same time.
●  All disposable dishes and silverware will be discarded immediately after the meal is finished
 Tables, chair arms, and wheelchair trays will be cleaned and sanitized after meals
●  Individuals and staff will wash or sanitize their hands again after cleaning/sanitizing procedures

C. During Meal/Snack Times for individuals who are independent eating meals and snacks.

Staff will be present and provide supervision even for those individuals who can safely eat independently to ensure proper social distancing since masks cannot be worn while eating.

D. During Meal/Snack Times for individuals who are tube-fed:

● All tube feedings will be facilitated and managed by nursing
● PPE to be worn: mask, gown, gloves, and face shield in some cases
● Nursing will sanitize work area before starting tube-feeding procedure
● Nursing will follow individual’s specific tube-feeding protocol
● Nursing will assist individual to maintain social distancing throughout the tube-feeding
● Nursing will sanitize the work area after tube feed is complete