Reopening Plan


Individual is Symptomatic at Home

-Do not come to program at Shore
-Contact Shore and talk to the Nurse, Program Coordinator/Manager
-Get Tested
-Isolate at home until you get test results.

Individual is Symptomatic at Shore

-Staff will ensure individual and staff are wearing masks
-Staff will take individual to the Program’ Medical Waiting room.
-Consult with Program Nurse about symptoms and decide whether staff or nurse will stay in the medical waiting room with the individual.
-Family/Residence will be called to pick up individual
-Individual will get tested*
-Isolate at home

*Current Massachusetts DPH guidance is that all symptomatic individuals in Massachusetts, even those with mild symptoms, should be tested. An individual who does not wish to be tested should instead isolate for 14 days and until asymptomatic.

If Test is Negative

-Individuals should still remain in quarantine for 14 days.
-Continue to self-monitor for symptoms.
-Return to program after full (14) day quarantine period has ended.

If Test is Positive

-Remain at home (except to get medical care) & monitor symptoms;
-Notify your Shore Program Coordinator.
-Work with Shore, your city’s local Board of Health, and/or the Massachusetts Community Tracing Collaborative when they call.
-Most people who have relatively mild illness will need to stay in self-isolation for at least 10 days and until at least 3 days have passed with no fever and improvement in other symptoms.