Reopening Plan


Each individual will have an individual bin or container of materials with supplies, manipulatives, other items appropriate for everyday use. Bins will be labeled and stored specifically for each person’s use.

Other materials will be shared on a limited basis.

●  All items that are shared among individuals must be washed and disinfected before another individual uses them and/or at the end of the day.

●  If time doesn’t allow for washing & sanitizing between different individual’s use, items should be put in a bin with a lid on and removed from the room or otherwise made unavailable.

●  Individuals will wash or sanitize hands before and after sharing any items/materials.

●  Each program room will have a designated bin for Clean Materials and Used/Dirty Materials

●  All materials that cannot be disinfected (i.e., blankets, cushions) will be removed from program rooms, offices, and therapy spaces whenever possible.  For individuals who need these types of items, they will be labeled and stored separately for their exclusive use.

●  Magazine should not be shared.  Individuals who enjoy looking at magazines will store these in their personal, labelled bins.

●  Individuals must wash/sanitize hands before and after using Ipads, Chromebooks, or other technology devices.  Devices will be cleaned and sanitized after each use.