Reopening Plan

2. Oral Nasopharyngeal, Tracheostomy Tube Suctioning with COVID-19 Precautions


1.Licensed Nursing staff and Respiratory Therapists can perform oral and nasopharyngeal suctioning
2.A valid Physician’s order must be on file
3.The Physician’s order must be renewed yearly or as changes occur
4.It will be the responsibility of Parents to provide clean suctioning equipment and container/tubing.
5.Check for supplies and that the machine is working properly and ready for use at the beginning of each day.
6.Family will be notified if suctioning has been performed.
7.Provide oxygen as needed before and/or between and after suctioning


● In Medical Treatment room


●N95 mask most preferred (KN-95 or surgical masks may be used only if N95 masks are unavailable)
●Eye protections, i.e. eye goggles
●Face Shield
●Intubation suctioning box (see image below


1.Wash your hands and don PPE in this order- Gown, surgical mask, eye protection, and gloves.
2.Assess respiratory status, check O2 level, and administer O2 if needed before suctioning.
3.Open catheter package and attach connector to suction tubing; leave catheter inside package to prevent contamination.
4.Turn on individual’s suction machine.
5.Apply clean gloves and remove catheter from package.
6.With vent open, gently insert catheter to desired depth.
7.Occlude vent. Rotate and provide intermittent suctioning while withdrawing catheter. The catheter should be withdrawn from the airway within five seconds.
8.Observe for color changes and discontinue suctioning if changes occur.
9.Note character of secretions.
10.Rinse catheter with saline.
11.Alternate if additional suctioning is necessary.
12.Provide oxygen as needed before and/or between and after suctioning.
13.Suction oral cavity, if necessary.
14.Assess respiratory status and reposition Student as needed.
15.Remove PPE in this order: Gloves, Gown, eye protection, and mask.
16.Call for Staff if available to return the individual to his/her room.
17.If no Staff are available, the Nurse will shut the treatment room door and return the individual to their room.
18.Alert cleaning staff that the treatment room needs to be cleaned and sanitized and all PPE precautions should be used.
19.Don clean PPE (gown, mask, gloves). Clean suction equipment.
20.Document procedure and results. Be sure to describe secretions and effectiveness or adverse response to treatment